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Welcome to BaltoWiki

This wiki is a compilation of articles relating to the 1995 Animated Film Balto by Amblimation animation studio and Universal Pictures. Currently hosting 47 articles, BaltoWiki has been written collaboratively by Balto fans around the world. Almost every article can be edited by site members. BaltoWiki has been and always will be a free source of information relating to the Balto Series. (read more...)


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Did you know...

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Quotes from the Movies

Let me tell you something, Balto. A dog cannot make this journey alone...but...maybe, a wolf can.

Congratulations, der, boss. It was a pleasure runnin’ behind youse...Of course...the view got monotonous.

He might bite ya, honey, he’s part wolf...
—Rosy's Father

Featured Article

Aniu, also known as the White Wolf, appears in both Balto and Balto II: Wolf Quest. For obvious differences in appearances and personalities, fans debate whether or not Aniu is the same wolf in the original film as in the sequel (read more...)

Featured Picture

Rosy is gifted with a sled from her parents.
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